Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren, born July 24, 1829 in Waterbury, Vermont, was university educated, had been an instructor in the classical languages of Greek and Latin, and was an experienced in journalist. He came to Buffalo, New York, to become local editor and reporter for the Courier newspaper in 1854. In 1858, he purchased an interest in the newspaper, later increasing his ownership under subsequent reorganizations. In 1869, the Courier Company was formed as a joint stock company, with Joseph Warren as its president. He was selected as president of the New York Press Association in 1870. Mr. Warren continued to serve as the Courier‘s editor-in-chief until his death on September 30, 1876.

In addition to serving as a Buffalo Park Commissioner from 1871 until his death, Mr. Warren also served as Superintendent of Schools for Buffalo. Warren had also become the recognized leader of the Democratic party in Western New York. With Warren in charge of the Courier, that newspaper actively promoted many local interests, not the least of which were the Buffalo parks. The Courier, under his direction gained considerable stature in the community.